What is Whirlball?

Just about anyone can play Whirlyball! Since the cars are the great equalizer, WhirlyBall is enjoyed by a very diverse group of people on the court together. Tall or short, male or female, adult or junior, gifted athlete or couch potato, all are welcome at WhirlyBall. Children must be over 8 years of age. Whirlyball is a great place for all to compete with and against each other.

Whirlyball, dubbed "the world’s only totally mechanized team sport", is best described as a combination of Basketball, Hockey and Jai-Alai played while riding an electrically powered machine, similar to a bumper car, called a WhirlyBug. Although the WhirlyBug resembles a bumper car, it is a far superior machine. Quicker, stronger and far more maneuverable, the WhirlyBug powers you and your team down court in a five on five game.

WhirlyBall is a team sport and an ultimate group activity. The playing court is approximately 4,000 sq. ft. and there are 10 WhirlyBugs on the playing court at one time, five red and five yellow. In one hand the player has a Jai-Alai style plastic scoop and in the other hand a steering crank. The ball being tossed around is a softball sized whiffle ball. At each end of the court there are vertically hung backboards with a 15 inch hole in the center. Behind the hole is a swing gate equipped with a buzzer to notify the referee when a score is made. The referee will call play by play during the game, keep score and assess any penalties incurred. Before you go out on the court, the referee will go over the rules, give you a brief rundown of how to play and assist you throughout your rental time with us.