When you play Whirlyball, you Play at your Own Risk and Liability.

You play at your own risk. There are Eye goggles available at the counter.
We discourage the use of cell phones while at Whirlyball

Penalty points are awarded to the other team.

• Yellow Shoots at Yellow and red at the red backboard.
• Shooting- 2 pts between backboard and red line, 3pts red to black and half court 5pts
• Change Of Possesion if you delay the game 2pt penalty

Get in Car step over the bumper. Sit down and put on your SEATBELT.
If you take off your seat belt it is a 8pt penalty.

•  No Swatting or hitting - 2pt penalty
•  NEVER EVER Let you scoop get crushed - 4pt penalty
•  We will charge a repair fee for each scoop that we have to repair or fix.

Do not touch the ball with your hand unless it falls in the car, your lap or floor board and or gets stuck in the scoop.
2pt Penalty

•  The back of the car from corner to corner is a no hit zone. Depending on speed it is a 2-8pt penalty
•  Head-on collision are called against the offensive player. 4 pt penalty

•  There is a Foot Pedal on your right step on it to go take your foot off to slow down. 
•  Steering: Think of the steering shaft as a arrow.  Whichever way the steering shaft is pointing, you will go. One full turn in either direction 
will put you in reverse, and one full turn either direction will put you in forward.

We have lockers for your convenience, if not please empty your pockets (such as Keys, Cell Phones, ID tags etc..) leave outside or in corner of court. Get a scoop off the wall and get in your cars. Lets Play Whirlyball!