It’s a hybrid of bumper cars + lacrosse + basketball. Steering is pretty difficult but that’s what makes it fun (and funnier when someone gets stuck in the corner. aka me). The competition gets intense! It’s also fun to just drive around in circles. This is a great activity for birthdays, homecoming groups, work events...pretty much any event!
-Denise Lfive star

Wow what a fun activity for groups! We had a group of 12 and it came out to around $30- $35 a person for a couple hours. A little tricky at first as the steering is not like normal bumper cars. No biggie though as you'll get the hang of it real quick. I had a ton of fun!
-Jonathan Cfive star

They keep it pretty safe and are good about explaining rules and scoring to the group. Our group of 10 were on the court for about 2.5 hours but 1.5 hours is probably enough. They also have food and drinks that are pretty good. Chicken strips were tasty!
-Nina H five star

This is the most legal fun humans are capable of having. Crazy awesome, I had to massage my cheeks because they hurt from smiling. I dodged a number of work outings here because it's kind of out of the way, but I really regret that now that I've finally experienced it.
-James R five star

This place is fun.
Might not look like much from the outside but it is a blast inside. You should check out their website and seriously consider going here for a great fun time with your friends and/or family.
-Jeremy R five star