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People use the hours of the day differently. But, the way you spend your time determines the quality of your life.

For groups of 26 players or more both courts are required for a rental, the total time is split between two courts.

Example: 4 hour rental is split between both courts for two hours of play on each court.

All people who show up are counted towards the total number of people, even if they don’t play and if you have any extra people show up, you will be charged the difference for the court time rentals. 

Calculate your cost and pay 50% to reserve your spot

The 50% deposit is non-refundable, non-moveable with no exceptions.

No call No show groups will be billed for the balance of their reservation.

Please call to cancel or update your booking or you will be billed for the remainder of your scheduled reservation and food.

ONLY if we are able to sell your reserved court time will you be refunded your 50% deposit



50% Deposit

1 hour (only Sunday) Up to 10 people


50% deposit $119.50

1.5 hours (minimum for 1-10 people)


50% deposit $179.25

2 hours (minimum for 11-15 people)


50% deposit $239.00

2.5 hours (minimum for 16-20 people)


50% deposit  $298.75

3 hours (minimum for 21-25 people)


50% deposit  $358.50

If you have over 25 people in your party, you are required to rent out both courts. 

4 hours (minimum for 26-30 people) 2hrs both courts


50% deposit  $478.00

5 hours (minimum for 31-40 people) 2.5hrs both courts


50% deposit  $597.50

6 hours (minimum for 41-50 people) 3hrs both courts


50% deposit $717.00

7 hours (minimum for 51-60 people) 3.5hrs both courts


50% deposit $836.50

8 hours (minimum for 61-70 people) 4hrs both courts


50% deposit $956.00

9 hours (minimum for 71-80 people) 4.5hrs both courts


50% deposit $1075.50

For Larger Groups

Round Robin

We will also manage a Round Robin for you which means: we manage putting your teams together so everyone plays. The five players on a team that has the best record are award championship t-shirts and a bottle of champagne or sparkling seltzer. The charge for this is $119.95 but if you don’t want the bling, we will just manage your teams for you so everyone gets to play tournament style. 

Whirly Olympics

Our larger events can enjoy the competition of Whirly Olympics where we put a competitive gaming package together which includes: Whirlyball, pop-a-shot, foosball, air hockey and other competitive games. The winners of each Whirly Olympics receive a medal and a bottle of champagne or sparkling seltzer. The overall winning Team receives a medal, a bottle of champagne or sparkling seltzer, and  a championship t-shirt. The charge for this is $199.95 plus $15 per team

We have four state of the art Virtual Reality Stations available to play as well. Team-up or go solo, the choice is yours.

$19.99 for half hour/person $29.99 for one hour/person. 4 people can play cross platform multiplayer games at the same time, that will cost $100 for all 4 stations for one hour!

We also have a fun variety of arcade games as well

Pop a Shot

Air Hockey


Arcade Racing