Deluxe Dessert Tray



We offer a delicious assortment of desserts. Our dessert platters will serve 20-25 people per platter and cost is $89.95.  We also offer a smaller tray.

Featuring vegan gluten-free cookies from Two Crows bakery and an assortment of other delicious desserts guaranteed to please.



Seasonal Veggie Platter

Our Large seasonal vegetable tray includes Carrots, Baby Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Sugar Snap peas and mushrooms. (Some substitutions can be made Depending on availability.)

Platter feeds 20-25 and costs $69.95. We also offer a smaller version.

Charcutarie Board

Our boards are fabulous! Cheese meets, olives, nuts, jams. fresh fruit,                       and dried fruit! Feeds about 25 people. $ 129.50


Seattle Samosa Platter.

Delicious Punjabi and Paneer (vegetarian) samosas served with two kinds of chutney.

Comes with 24 pieces and works as a rich and tasty appetizer for large groups!


(1/2 platters also available)

Call 425-672-3332 today to make a reservation and dont forget to add food!

We are a pre-order only kitchen. Please give 3 days advanced notice when adding food. 

Thank you!