Great For All Occasions...Corporate Events, Parties, Fund-raisers, Reunions, Rehearsal Dinners, etc.

We specialize in bringing groups of people together, introducing them to an environment that promotes a higher level of shared teamwork, understanding, and a whole lot of fun! This is the most extraordinary ice breaker that your organization will ever experience and a great bonding time with family and friends. Your next event at Whirlyball will be unforgettable. We will work with you to tailor an event for your group or family. Whether you’re a group of 8 or 80, we can provide round robin tournaments, Whirly-O'lympics, Virtual Reality and catering packages that you choose.

Whirlyball celebrates diversity and we love people. Come play with us and create a wonderful memory.

Birthday Party Packages

These birthday party quotes are based on 10 people. For quotes on larger groups, Call WhirlyBall at 425-672-3332.

The Original Birthday Party Package includes:
1 or 1.5 hours of Whirlyball and 2- 16" pizzas and 10 bottomless sodas, and a personalized cake.
1 Hour        $320
1.5 Hours   $430

NOTE: 1.5 hour minimum for 10 people Monday through Saturday. Sunday is the only day you can make a 1 hour minimum reservation for 10 people.

* Prices do not include Washington State Sales Tax
**For a $15 fee you can bring your own cake. The Fee includes the paper products, candles, balloons, and cleanup.

Tournament Packages

Round Robin Tournament: We divide your group up into 5 person teams. We create a schedule that has every team playing each other. We keep track of the wins and losses and award the winning team with 5 tournament T-shirts and a complimentary bottle of champagne or sparkling cider. A group picture is included. $99
30+ people is $129.

Whirly-O'lympics: A WhirlyBall round-robin tournament is included in your Whirly-O'lympics. Additionally each team selects a member to compete against the other teams in, pop a shot, darts, foosball, air hockey, and for the athletically challenged, alpine skiing. Each individual on every team must pick one of the events to compete in. 1st 2nd and third place will get points. The first place winner in each event will receive a medal. The team with the most points will be the overall champion and be awarded 5 championship T-shirts and champagne or sparkling cider.
$199.95 set up fee + $15 per team not including applicable sales tax.

As in everything that we do, our tournaments are absolutely guaranteed to provide the maximum amount of fun, competition and team building, or it’s on us.

* Tournament Packages are not included in the court time; it is an added cost to the reservation!

*Prices do not include Sales Tax.

Business People!! We think it is time for the crew to get out and mix it up a little. When you put your CFO on a Whirlyball team with 3 sales guys and a receptionist, you will have enough team building to go around (and around and around).

Let your next event be at Whirlyball and let us help you create an event with all the right bells and whistles. With space for big crowds and small, we can provide round robin tournaments, Whirly-O'lympics, and Catering packages to meet your needs.

Welcome Need a cool team building event for your company? Let us know! Contact Us! :) or Call 425 672 3332.