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Local and Craft Beers

We Serve Local and Specialty Beers

Enjoy the Food and Beverage options offered at WhirlyBall. We have a large selection of non-alcoholic drinks, and we try to stock local craft beers along with a very large selection of the best beers on the market today. We also have a nice selection of ciders, hard seltzers and wines.

You can run an open tab and/or have a predetermined amount of drink tickets per person for your group.

We are always updating our craft beer selection according to trends and customers input.

We have a few beverage options for your group

1. Everyone in your group orders separately

2. We have a certain amount of drink tickets we can hand out to each person in your party and keep track of what everyone is ordering

Soda and Juice



We have a very large selection of Jones Soda in bottles and we carry Jones in our soda fountain.  We also carry juice, seltzer water, natural energy drinks, kombucha, and water.


Coffee and Tea




We have a nice selection of Gourmet Coffee and Teas from around the world. 

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