Our COVID Plan

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Our COVID-19 Plan

• Each group that comes to WhirlyBall will enter a fully sanitized and fresh air environment. Guaranteed! You must have a reservation and be part of a group.
• Any group arriving will enter the 450 sq. ft. holding space. This space will constantly have fresh air flowing through it.
• We will also sterilize all surfaces with alcohol sanitizers after every group.
• We will take the temperature of each person with a touchless thermometer. Anyone with an elevated temperature will not be allowed to come in and play.
• We highly recommend that you wear a mask.
• When this group vacates the holding space and enters into the center, we will again completely flush the air and sanitize all surfaces in preparation of the next group.
• If we have two different groups on the two separate courts, they will have a staggered start time so both groups will process through the holding space separately
• Court one and court two are completely separated from one another.
• The exhaust fans will be on and the airflow through the building will be constant.
• All surfaces touched will be sanitized after each use.
• All tables will be separated by six feet with no more than four people sitting at each table.
• We will discontinue our buffets and have the kitchen open only for individual table orders as well as a short, simple menu.
• Spit guards will be put up along the front counter where all ordering and paying occurs.
• Our employees, when mingling with our customers, will wear face masks and gloves.
• We are replacing our bathroom hardware with touchless sensors.
• We will have spray bottles of 75% alcohol set around the building and in the bathrooms for ease of use for our customers.
• Gloves and masks will also be made available.
• The bathroom fans will be left on constantly to replace the existing air with fresh air.
• Employees will consistently walk around and sanitize any surfaces that could have been touched.
• Our employees, when mingling with our customers, will wear face masks and gloves

We are OPEN! Call to make a reservation.


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